Log into your account at https://www.binance.com/, then select "Account" here:

Important: you must enable 2FA in your Binance account to create the API key;
see how to do this at the end of this article.

Click on "API Setting":

Enter any key name and click on "Create New Key":

Enter your 2FA code:

And now the API & Secret keys are in your hands:

If you intend to use the service for trading, then you are finished creating an API key.

Don’t try to test the function of the key in the screenshot above; the key was deleted immediately after this was written.

If you need to delete the key for some reason, click on "Delete" and confirm the action.

Enabling 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is used to improve account security. When you log into Binance, in addition to your password,
you will enter a six-digit code that will be generated on your mobile device. To use this function, install the Google Authenticator
or Authy app (we recommend Authy).

As soon as you install the app, go to account settings in Binance and the exchange will suggest that you enable 2FA on your account:

Select "Google Auth". If this popup window does not appear, then click on "Enable" next to Google Auth:

Open the app on your phone, find the add account option, and scan the QR code provided on Binance
(you can enter the Secret Key or the 2FA backup key manually, but this will be less convenient).

Important: Write down your Secret Key in a secure place. It can be used to recover a lost 2FA.
And for this reason, never reveal it to anyone.

As soon as you add the account to the app, a random 6-digit code will be generated every 30 seconds.
Enter it in the "Enter 2FA code from the app" field, remember to enter your password from your exchange account
in the "Enter login password" field, and press "Submit".
From now on you will enter this same code for authorization on the exchange.

Please note: each code is only valid once until entered correctly the first time.
Thus, if you already entered it and you need to enter the 2FA code again for some reason,
wait for a new code to generate; otherwise, you will get an error.

All done!