Goblins Cave

Years ago, they fled Goblin Town. WTF no fight a useless battle against their own polygon brothers. They found the secret Goblin Cave

goblins in the cave

Forest Goblins

These goblins lived in the enchanted forest for centuries. They did not fight against the Goblins from Goblintown wtf when they arrived later.


Stoned Goblins

They moved to the underworld because they did not wanted to be soldiers. They preferred the powers of magical herbs.

goblins from the cave

Weird Goblins

Years ago, they came from all kind of f***ing kingdoms to fight against the demons. WThe last arrival was the former Chancellor Angela Merkel from Germoney

Special Price Goblin Auction

  • In the vast world of the metaverse, there is a planet of strange lands populated by a somewhat special species.
  • These beings call themselves Goblins. Their goblin-like appearance and their colors identify them in a particular way. At birth, each Goblin acquires a typical colour of its birthplace.
  • In the high mountains live those with grey skins, as it helps them to camouflage themselves; in the lands of eternal winters live the pale skins, white as snow. In the Aokigahara forests is where we can find more shades, from green, brown, to beautiful colours to attract the attention of other Gobblins. Those of the land of fire are the most dangerous, because not only their red colour identifies them, but also the evil reflected in their eyes. They have the least to eat and hunt in neighbouring territories.
  • In their daily lives, each Gobblin spends his time making objects that they can later trade or exchange to increase their social status.
  • These beings are able to disrupt their planet, Exon, as they please, altering the space they are in through objects can be incorporated or removed.
  • If you lived on Exon, what colour would your skin be? Let's find out..


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