We Offer Real Bitcoin wallet.dat files with a Balance for download.

You can download and copy the BTC Bitcoin wallet.dat file into any Bitcoin Core Wallet.


How To Recover Bitcoins From Forgotten Wallets

Download a Forgotten Wallet File with a Bitcoin Balance from Dasholator with DigitalNotes. This will cost you only about 5 $. Payment in XDN DigitalNote ONLY to make sure you have some understanding of the crypto space.

What You Need To Start. Pre Requisites.

Bitcoin Core Wallet and Digital Notes
XDN are available at Bittrex Exchange

How to Get Your Bitcoinwallet.dat file

The DigitalNote XDN Wallet Client has an inbuilt feature which allows you to send a message together with your payment. Make sure to include YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the message and SEND 5 000 XDN to this ADDRESS:

5 000 XDN will cost you around 5 US$.
See rate HERE
Do NOT send any other coins. ONLY XDN DigitalNote !


You Need to Send 5 000 XDN to dc8eFCkQiD6kNk1DXMrj7VinBkqntqkYfW
Don't forget to include a message containing YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS when paying ! We will need that to send you the wallet.dat BTC WALLET.

You may exchange other coins for XDN at Bittrex Crypto Exchange


The Wallet we will send you contains more than 1 bitcoin

1Are there any competitors in selling Bitcoin Wallets ?
Yes. But they will charge you MUCH MORE and you need to pay in Bitcoin where the transaction fee alone will be 5 $ or more.
Those wallets were abandoned by their owners because they forgot the passphrase. You can try to guess the password or use software to brute force the encryption.
Load the full blockchain in the Bitcoin Core Wallet or use pywallet which is written in Python.

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