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FBC is an investment platform created by a team of enthusiastic traders who have turned their ambitions into a successful business project and invented a unique algorithm called RJVX 12.

Our platform is created to help our clients manage their finances effectively. At FBC we build technologies and products, analyze a huge amount of information every day, develop and improve new investment strategies to make our clients richer and freer thanks to RJVX12. All income indicated on the site is guaranteed to our clients in any case thanks to our unique algorithm, insurance fund and the rules of our platform.

Transparency and accessibility of information We understand that the key to success of each company is loyalty and trust of its customers to its work. Therefore, we disclose everything necessary for making a balanced investment decision.

Simplicity and convenience We know that in the 21st century, the most valuable thing a person has is time. In view of this, we have created for you a convenient and intuitive interface, thanks to which you can become an investor literally "in two clicks".

The possibility of earning without investment A special system of arbitration of raised funds allows us to work even with those investors who do not have impressive capital for investment. In view of this, in our company you will be able to earn with absolutely no investment!

Exact hit in the target Work strategies developed by our analysts allow us to accurately determine the most profitable assets for purchase during the trading session, so we can guarantee our investors profit for each of the tariff plans!

Innovativeness of investments Following our vision, to create an even more massive market, we strive to make global use of our resource and meet the needs of our investors and partners.

High reliability Independent Analytics make us resistant to market volatility. Innovative technologies allow us to be confident in the safety of capital regardless of the country of our clients.

Accessibility and effectiveness We provide you with access to the most liquid market in the world, you can start investing from $10, immediately after registration without special knowledge and training.

Formal cooperation All our investors become official partners of our company. We become tax agents of each of our investors and we list all the necessary taxes for you!

  1. 1. Corporate shares
  2. 2. Corporate bonds
  3. 3. Futures
  4. 4. Cryptocurrency
  5. 5. Mining
  6. 6. ICO-tokens
  7. 7. Precious metals
  8. 8. Currency
  9. 9. Forward contracts
  10. 10. Swaps
  • 12% 1 level
  • 7% 2 level
  • 6% 3 level
  • 5% 4 level
  • 4% 5 level
  • 4% 6 level
  • 3.5% 7 level
  • 3% 8 level
  • 2% 9 level
  • 1% 10 level
10 - level affiliate program

We have developed marketing, which will allow all partners who made a minimum deposit, start a business with our company. The affiliate program makes it possible to earn on a ten-level referral system


All newly registered participants of the FBC platform receive the status of "Participant". It gives them the possibility to receive interest from the amount of attracted deposits from your structure to the 3rd level with percentages: 5% 0.5% 0.5%.

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How to become an investor?
Register your account

Click on the "register" button and fill out a convenient and simple form consisting of several simple fields. Read and accept the privacy policy of our company and the terms of cooperation with us.

Select an investment plan

After the registration procedure, you will find yourself in the investor's personal account. Click on the "ADD FUNDS" button on the left side of your account, deposit funds and then analyze the list of investment plans and choose the one that suits you.

Top up your balance and open a Deposit

You can top up your account in our company by Bank transfer, or through one of the electronic payment systems.

Receive your daily profit

Accrual of profits will take place on the balance of your personal account in your cabinet. After receiving the dividends, you can withdraw it from the project or reinvest.

FBC – is more than just an investment company!

Hundreds of completed business projects, many years of experience in the field of consulting and financial services. We give the opportunity to receive passive income without the need to trade on your own!

Licensed and regulated company

The brand "FBC" is a trademark of Finance and Business Consulting LTD, which complies with all international standards for the provision of investment and brokerage services. The company has a license № 07901638 and is regulated by the financial services market surveillance Commission. This gives our customers the opportunity to think about what is really important to them.

Special attitude to each client

The volume of investment does not matter. The client's needs and desires are paramount for us, regardless of the amount of investment, activity or total potential. All our customers receive the same quality service and support. These principles are the basis of FBC and will never change.

Popularity all over the world

Our company has more than 25 thousand customers in 62 countries on 5 continents. In a year we are planning to increase the number of customers to 60 thousand, and to expand to 90 countries minimum. Our managers plan to open at least 50 regional representative offices of the company around the world. And we know that this goal will be achieved.

Promotional tools set

Our clients can take part in the FBC agency program, using brand's advertising tools in different languages, designed especially for them. With a wide selection of tools to work with both online and offline, it is very easy and profitable to promote the FBC brand.

Comfortable cooperation

All our services and systems are created and updated only in the interests of customers. All activities that our customers perform in cooperation with the FBC company, whether it is a registration of an account, account management, a deposit, a transfer or a withdrawal of funds are easy.

Transparent and fair conditions

In FBC, we directly and openly declare the terms of cooperation, without hidden provisions. This applies to both trust management services and the fulfillment of agency program conditions. Customers receive exactly what we declare on our website, regardless of the size of the investment and customer activity.