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For a long time the British Pound was the world reserve currency. Then for centuries the $ was king, still holding this position as of today, but struggling. Goldman Sachs prevented pouring all the newly created dollars into gold and silver. Banks around the world initiated the 'war on cash'. What they did not take into account: There are now P2P crypto currencies. They can NOT be controlled by either banks or governments.

Bitcoins privacy may be gone to some extend and it is very expensive already. At jetglobalbusiness.com we are looking for promising, not so well known crypto currencies flying completely under the radar of the general public for now.

The legendary Swiss Numbered account gave some anonymity, but Swiss law now requires all banks to know the identity of their customers. Did you know that there is a Digital Note Numbered Account with 100 % anonymity ? You will get a unique digital account number to identify you as the owner. It looks like dddx5KvQTcwkTkC8q49f1GXF3qgwYhshirE2t1ybovdBa92NwKfZBuoFE3uckDhCDrb1gzuQ3ZDY11zEcAtK6R2C5A2HJBnPvUm You can even get 0.4% interest per MONTH. For more info visit NEWS BTC. You can exchange US $ or Bitcoins to DigitalNote, the currency of your Numbered Account HERE and then DOWNLOAD the WALLET and withdraw the Digital Notes to your very own Numbered Account Wallet (DOWNLOAD of XDN Digital Numbered Account Wallet HERE) Screenshots and help can be found at dasholator.com/XDN For comprehensive info click squares below.

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Promising Crypto Currencies

Digital Note - Earn interest

The XDN Interest System, is an innovative method to reward buying and holding Digital Note for a pre-defined period of time. Unlike traditional systems, XDN Digital Note Interest uses only native means to reward those who participate. Functioning similar to Swiss Number Savings Account, it uses smart contract-based simulated staking on the blockchain with decentralized open source parameters. Find out more by visiting the XDN website at DigitalNote.org

OPUS - music decentralized

Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music take up to 80% of artists revenue. Famous artists can accept it, small artists are often unable to make a living from music streaming. Spotify and apple are not available in over 120 countries due to mass bureaucracy. OPUS (OPT) has true potential to completely disrupt the music industry; Opus has a working beta, a great team, and a physical office. All songs are available permanently, decentrally and with low latency.

ark connects blockchains

Ark is a cryptocurrency on steriods. Everything is beautiful, clean, well implemented. They take blockchain to the people, and make it useful, and they have come up with a plethora of great ideas, delivering them at a fast pace. Lots of people behind the project. Steady growth in price. It allows the creation of a blockchain for anybodies needs. It also interconnects all other blockchains in a huge web. It is like a virus that spreads, but a good one. It is also one of several cryptocurrencies that offer file storage. It is a crypto on its own so it doesnt need the Ethereum network. Great video @ ARK.io

HTML5 crypto currency technology

after Eth goes proof of stake, miners will switch to Html5 coin
HTML5 is a fully functioning Smart Contracting Platform
Html5 coin integrates Ethereum Virtual Machine functionality
big updates at HTML5 swap coming end of September 2017


Crypto Performance


The Asian ETH


Bridges blockchains via SmartBridge


Famous backers: NEO and QTUM








swap in late september 2017



Digital Note


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