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It seems difficult to find any crypto asset that will double in value within a short time frame. 

The only TOP SPACE to look into now are NON ARTS NFTs on OpenSea. Do NOT buy APENFTs or alike.

Only then the meta data will appear in that section, along with some account details.
The art itself will reflect something about that data as well. 
It is possible to scale them by goxxed balances and group them into different categories, 
to end up with Legendary/Epic/Rare/ Ungoxxed Rarity Items, which could in turn change the trading card appearance. 
The trading volume and the account age could then be used to establish different rarity levels which influence the artwork.




OpenSea stays on top by adding MATIC (and SOLANA) blockchains
For all those who avoid NFTs on the ETH blockchain because of the insane network gas fees there 
This is good news. On Top NFT Auction Platform OpenSea you can mint, sell and buy NFTs on the MATIC and SOLANA networks ! 
Don't be confused when you see the price tag in ETH even on those superior networks. 
ETH on Polygon (MATIC) can be swapped to MATIC easily. If you want to buy something minted 
on the new MATIC network like the MtGoxNFT which is in high demand now.

Apes are Boring. Goblins are Coming Out of the Cave Rapidly.
Gobble Gobble Go

Popular Coindoublr NFT Collection

with Highest Groth Potential on OpenSea

Get Rich Or Die Ape


OpenSea is a unique social network for buying selling collecting non fungible token art on the matic smart chain avoiding the ETH congestion and high network gas fees on ethereum.
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